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Metaxa is a wine that takes tradition very seriously. Every ingredient used is completely natural and organic; no chemicals are used in the process at all. For this reason there is a need for the Metaxa winery to keep a wine master. His task takes a lot of training and experience in order to balance out the natural flavors and keep the taste of the wine constant year after year.

Some people will call Metaxa a brandy, because of the mixture of distilled wines and other additives that create the blend. This spirit uses only wines and ingredients from the Aegean Sea area, making it a truly Greek brandy.

Metaxa doesn’t hold its fame amongst the Greek people as much as it does elsewhere in the world. It’s been listed as a part of the top 3 best imported spirits in many EU countries and has won the gold medal in many international spirit brewing competitions. While it is usually the number 1 premium spirit in Greece, not as many locals drink it as they did in the pas